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A Legend in the Making.

The McMasters family's passion for barbecue runs deep, nurtured by years of running a cherished family barbecue restaurant. It was Mark McMasters, the heart behind the grill, who decided to share their signature sauce beyond the restaurant's walls. Encouraged by the resounding praise of friends, family, and loyal patrons, he introduced McMasters’ Hawg Sauce in 2017. Since that pivotal moment, McMasters' Hawg Sauce has been taking the barbecue world by storm. 

It's not just sauce; it's a legacy. Born from dedication and perfected through passion, McMasters’ Hawg Sauce carries the essence of family tradition and the love of authentic flavor. With every bottle, you're not just getting a taste of their signature sauce – you're becoming part of their journey, a journey fueled by a commitment to delivering sauce perfection.

"The thing that sells it is when people taste it. It has this zing and this sweetness. I’ve worked real hard to make sure it’s the way I wanted."

- Mark McMasters

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Local. Bottled by Hand.

We're a family-owned and family-operated business. Every single bottle of McMasters' Hawg Sauce is poured, bottled, and shipped by us.  

Quality Ingredients

Only the most premium ingredients to ensure every bottle brings that perfect Hawg Sauce flavor. The taste makes the difference.

Small Business Care

We pour our heart and soul into crafting each batch of our delicious sauce, and that same dedication extends to the personalized attention and care we offer to every customer.

Proud member of Got To Be NC. 
If it's got to be fresh, if it's got to be local, it's Got To Be NC.


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