The lip-smackingest,
tangiest, tastiest
everything sauce
you'll ever eat.


A little sweet

A little tangy

Hand-bottled in small batches

Family Recipe

Made in North Carolina

Best. Sauce. Ever.

What’s your flavor?

Hawg Sauce is the perfect combination of Eastern and Western North Carolina style barbecue sauce. You’ll get the sweetness from ketchup...
  • 16oz
  • Half Gallon
  • Gallon
$11.49 USD
Spicy Hawg Sauce starts with that classic Hawg Sauce flavor – thick and smooth with just the right combination of...
  • 16oz
  • Half Gallon
  • Gallon
$11.49 USD

The Taste Makes 
the Difference.

It’s sweet, tangy, and a little spicy. A slight kick from the vinegar and spices that harken to Eastern North Carolina style, but with the thicker, sweeter qualities you'd find in Western North Carolina. If you're familiar with North Carolina barbecue, you'll recognize it as a classic Lexington-style sauce. 

But it's more than just barbecue sauce. Meal after meal, it's been tried, tested, and proven as the everything sauce – marinate your chicken with it, dip your fries in it, and of course top your barbecue with it. Whatever you do with it, we promise it will enhance the flavor of... well, just about everything.

So come on back to the country with McMasters’ Hawg Sauce, and prepare your taste buds for the best sauce you’ve ever had.

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Hear from 
Our Customers

Land's sake that is a marvelous sauce! My new favorite. Seems to be a cross between typical NC vinegar sauce and a more mainstream tomato based sauce.

John M.

Verified Buyer

I purchased your sauce and tonight we tried it on grilled chicken. Man, we loved it!!! Half way through dinner we were dredging our baked potato skins, bread and anything else in sight in your sauce!

Jeff S.

Verified Buyer

McMasters Spicy Hawg Sauce is officially a STAPLE in our household! We went through the bottle within a week & needed more! Sweet & spicy flavor. It's good on EVERYTHING!

Madison B.

Verified Buyer

I purchased a bottle of spicy sauce. I loved the taste and I was planning on firing up my brand new smoker days later. I smoked some chicken thighs with a splash of this on them and put one more small splash before I set them on the sandwhich. Best BBQ chicken sandwich I HAVE EVER created.

Austin H.

Verified Buyer

I've just tried it for the first time today on pork BBQ that my husband smoked. This stuff is delicious! I can see this pairing well with chicken and vegetables as well as BBQ. I think I've found my new favorite sauce 😊!

Bronda C.

Verified Buyer

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