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About Us

Mark McMasters (Owner and founder of McMasters' Hawg Sauce) and his family

To say the McMasters love barbecue would be quite the understatement. After years of operating a small family-run barbecue restaurant, Mark McMasters decided to take his signature sauce to the public. So, with rave reviews from friends, family, and customers, he began bottling McMasters’ Hawg Sauce in 2017.

Since then, Mark and his family have built McMasters’ Hawg Sauce from the ground up. Over 150 stores carry Hawg Sauce throughout North Carolina and Virginia (and we’re adding new stores every week). In fact, it’s possible that you’ve come across Mark himself while he’s out sampling Hawg Sauce. You’ll find him at farmers markets, and in front of grocery stores, and general stores. In short, McMasters’ Hawg Sauce is a family business through and through, and Mark takes pride in paying special attention to making sure his sauce is perfect.

“The thing that sells it is when people taste it. It has this zing and this sweetness. I’ve worked real hard to make sure it’s the way I wanted.”

Mark McMasters

Mark was born and raised in central North Carolina, and McMasters’ Hawg Sauce is based right here in the heart of North Carolina in the small town of Rural Hall. If you have questions about any of our products or our history, or would like to inquire about selling McMasters’ Hawg Sauce in your store, contact us below!

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