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6 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Thanksgiving Game with Hawg Sauce

A bottle of Hawg Sauce is outlined to show that it is missing from a table with a tasty Thanksgiving dinner spread.

With the countdown on for Thanksgiving dinner, you’re surely in prep mode figuring out all of the tasty treats you’ll be whipping up in the next week. After all, most Thanksgiving celebrations are centered around the food, even more than any other holiday. While the classic American centerpiece is turkey, it doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate Hawg Sauce into your Thanksgiving meal. It is the “everything sauce,” remember? We already top our favorite smoked turkey sandwiches and plates with Hawg Sauce at the local BBQ restaurant, and it surely will serve as a great topper or dip for your Thanksgiving turkey. But to help you step up your flavors for the rest of the table, we’ve put together some other creative ways to utilize Hawg Sauce on Thanksgiving… take a look!

1. Charcuterie Board

How: Charcuterie boards are in this Thanksgiving (or so we’re told). And turns out, Hawg Sauce works on several levels with this upscale option. It pairs well as a dip for apples, cheddar, colby or jack cheeses, and as a dip or glaze for the variety of meats typically found on a charcuterie.

2. BBQ Gravy

How: It’s a Thanksgiving classic. For many people, the gravy can make or break Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s how to make sure it blows people away…

  1. Heat one tablespoon of vegetable oil in a saucepan on medium-high heat. Add a turkey drumstick and neck and sear until brown. Remove from pan and reserve.
  2. Lower heat and sautee one onion. Add 8 cups of turkey stock, scrapping up the fond on the bottom of the pan. Add the drumstick (and turkey neck if possible) into the saucepan. Cover and let simmer until it comes to a boil; about 1 hour. Sauce will reduce down greatly. Remove turkey parts. Add 1/4 cup of McMasters’ Hawg Sauce to pan and whisk together. Gravy will thicken. Season with salt and pepper.

3. BBQ Glazed Carrots

How: They’re as simple as they are tasty. Believe it or not this can even be done on the grill. Place your carrots on direct heat, either on the grill or in the pan, turning them often to ensure all sides are cooked evenly. Right before your carrots are finished, prepare McMasters’ Hawg Sauce in a bowl and brush on, then let them cook one more minute. After removing them from the heat, glaze once more and they are ready to enjoy!

4. Hawg Sauce Tossed Brussels

How: Sticking with the veggie theme, roasted brussel sprouts are another sure favorite. Typically, you’d roast the brussels and toss them in a balsamic or cider vinegar to give them a little peppery tanginess. But if you replace the vinegar with Hawg Sauce, you achieve the same sweet and savory glaze and step it up another notch with the fantastic extra flavor of McMasters’ Hawg Sauce.

5. Sweet Potato Casserole (with Hawg Sauce-Candied Pecan Topping)

How: Sweet Potato Casserole can be a hotly debated subject when it comes to Thanksgiving. Are you team marshmallow or team pecan? How sweet do you like your sweet potatoes? Well here’s a nice way to elevate your casserole… When you’re preparing your pecans, just mix together brown sugar, flour, melted butter, Hawg Sauce, and the pecans with a spoon. Sprinkle this over the potatoes and bake!

6. Apple Cornbread Sausage Stuffing

How: Okay, maybe this one is kind of cheating. We’re following this recipe, but when it comes time to sautee the onion, celery, and apple, just mix in a Tablespoon or so of McMasters’ Hawg Sauce. The result: A sweet, savory, tangy, delicious take on a Thanksgiving classic.

Do these look delicious but you are missing the Hawg Sauce? Stock up below!

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