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Top 9 Barbecue and Grilling Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021

As Christmas nears, we’re all looking for those perfect gift ideas for dad, husband, brother-in-law, or whoever you may know who loves to be at the grill. Over here at McMasters’ Hawg Sauce, we love our barbecue. So we thought we’d compile a few ideas to help you make it through the holiday season and find the best gifts for the pitmaster or the backyard grilling enthusiast in your life.

So, here are some of our favorite ideas for barbecue gifts for Christmas 2021!

The Original Bear Paws Shredder Claws Barbecue Gift

The Original Bear Paws Shredder Claws

Bear Paws are a must-have BBQ accessory. A longtime favorite of barbecue experts across the nation, Bear Paws are specially designed for lifting and shredding pulled pork, chicken, and other meat. The Bear Paws allow you to shred meat without getting burned or melting your tools. Plus, the super-sharp, meat-shredding “claws” are strategically spaced so the meat won’t get stuck. 

SoulFino Reversible Bamboo Butcher Block Barbecue and Grilling Gift

SoulFino Reversible Bamboo Butcher Block

A solid butcher block is a must-have accessory for anyone planning to be out at the barbecue grill or smoker. The SoulFino is crafted from thick bamboo and measures 17″ x 13″ to make sure and give you plenty of space to work with. SoulFino offers a lifetime guarantee and with the extra deep groove around the edge, your cleanup will be easier since the juice will be captured around the edge rather than spilling onto the counter. Plus, the use of a softer wood like bamboo won’t dull your knives as quickly, and is naturally antimicrobial to help avoid contamination from raw pork or chicken.

McMasters’ Hawg Sauce 12oz Everything BBQ Sauce

It’s a blend of eastern and western North Carolina style barbecue sauces. Whether you like a tomato-based or vinegar-based bbq sauce, you’ll love this Lexington-style blend of the two, with a bit of tangy, a bit of spice, and a bit of sweetness. It’s thick enough to use as a grilling sauce and dipping sauce. However, it’s also great for a marinade or a final touch on that pulled pork or barbecue chicken sandwich, or the perfectly-cooked burger you just finished grilling. They call McMasters’ Hawg Sauce “the everything sauce” because it goes great on just about everything.

KRUPS GX336D50 Ultimate Super Silent 3 in 1 Blade Grinder

(For Creating Your Own Rubs & Seasonings) 

Having a spice grinder can actually take your grilling and barbecuing to the next level. Whole spices will stay fresher longer and that means more flavor for your meat. So use this grinder to create your own barbecue rubs and seasonings. It will take down everything from whole peppercorns to dried spices and herbs with ease. And this one does all of that at a reasonable price.

ThermoPro TP19 Waterproof Meat Thermometer Grilling Gifts

ThermoPro TP19 Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer 

Another staple for the grillmaster, this meat thermometer is fast and accurate, with readings within 2-3 seconds and accurate to ±0.9 degrees (Fahrenheit). It also conveniently has a magnet built in to store it on your refrigerator, grill, or any other metal surface. While there are of course more advanced thermometers out there for the true pitmaster, we think this is a solid, affordable option for the average BBQ’er. (For something a little more advanced, check out the ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Dual Probe Thermometer).

Heat Aid Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves Barbecue Gift Idea

Heat Aid Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves 

Since we’re on the subject of temperature, this seems like a good time to recommend these bbq gloves – a key accessory for any pitmaster. These are heat resistant up to 1,472°F and still give you the dexterity you need to do everything from rearranging hot coals to moving a pork butt around the smoker. In addition, they’re cut-resistant and available with a long cuff and in multiple color options.

ALTRA Electric Meat Grinder Barbecue Gift Idea

ALTRA Electric 3-in-1 Meat Mincer / Food Grinder / Sausage Stuffer  

If you’re buying for the kind of person who prefers to grind their own delicious burger patties, sausages, or meatballs, then this might be the gift for them. This features a durable stainless steel grinder body, and extra attachments included for cutting and stuffing. Plus, pro tip: don’t forget to top those smoked sausages or meatballs with McMasters’ Hawg Sauce!

Sorbus Non-Stick Rib Rack Barbecue Gift Idea

Sorbus Non-Stick Rib Rack  

This porcelain-coated steel stand allows all-around air flow and even cooking. In addition, it’s designed to hold up to four racks of ribs while still leaving enough space on the grill for other foods. If your racks of ribs hang over the edge, try cutting them in half to fit them better.

Meat Hugger Pink Butcher Paper Barbecue Gift Idea

Meat Hugger Pink Butcher Paper

Wrap your brisket, steaks, ribs, and more in this butcher paper while smoking to help meats reach their optimum temperatures faster, remain juicy, and get that deliciously smoky and crunchy bark. Most importantly, this is non-toxic and smoker safe and is 100% uncoated and it holds up well under moisture. (Plus, it’s made in the USA!)

All products linked here have been independently selected by our team here at McMasters’ Hawg Sauce. When you click on one of our Amazonlinks to purchase recommended products, a small percentage of that purchase comes back to us, helping us continue to provide more of what you love about McMasters’ Hawg Sauce.

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